Friday, November 7, 2008

Wow, this is exciting - my very first post on my very own blog!

After a subtle bit of nudging, I was tagged by Sydney and here are my responses:

1. Clothes Shop - Clothes shopping? What is that? Is that where you take your 2 daughters to the mall and follow them around while they go into every freaking store there and try to burn a whole in your credit card? Or were you talking about clothes shopping for myself? I vaguely recall buying a new top for myself at Macys when I was on vacation in Florida this past summer. Does that count?

2. Furniture Shop - Okay, let me explain to you about me and my relationship with furniture. I am the woman who used my grandmother's hand-me-down bedroom furniture until about 6 years ago when I bought my first bedroom set at the ripe old age of 40. My newest furniture purchases are a couch and loveseat that I got for dirt cheap at a Levitt's going out of business sale last year. I bet you are sorry you asked that question.

3. Sweet - I'm a total ice cream junky. Ice cream is like my crack - can't resist it. I'm looking into group therapy for my problem, but haven't found an Ice Cream Eater's Anonymous yet!

4. City - I love my home city of New York. I'm a Brooklyn girl born and bred and proud of it. However, I would love to visit the beautiful cities of Hawaii.

5. Drink - I am not much of a drinker at all. I will have the occasional glass of wine or a frozen pina colada, but that's about it. When I became pregnant with my first child 18 years ago, I , of course, stopped drinking and never got the taste for it again.

6. Music - I like a lot of different types of music and am willing to try most anything except opera and jazz. I'm not a big country fan either, but there are a few country artists that I enjoy. My favorite singers are Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

7. TV Series - Okay, now your talking! I love all things reality. There does not seem to be any depth too low for me to sink when it comes to reality shows. I also love Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, 24, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes (not so much this season though), and Criminal Minds (mostly because of Shemar Moore - yummy).

8. Film - I love action movies, musicals and comedies (but smart comedies, not these really sleazy comedies that are the rage lately). I'm not so much into the heavy dramas.

9. Workout - Hmmm, I think I've heard that word before. Is that the thing you do in a gym? Ooh I really don't like that word at all. I should be either walking or doing the treadmill every day, but I'm a very bad girl! If anyone has any inspirational words to get me back to the gym, I would appreciate it. I might not listen to them, but I will appreciate it.

10. Pastries - What's not to like? I love cheese, cherry and raspberry the most, but can't think of any I would turn down. Well that's not exactly true I wouldn't eat any weird ones like spinach or eggplant or something like that. But I digress.

11. Coffee - I discovered coffee a little later in life than most people. I was probably around 30 before I started drinking 1 cup a day and I still stick to that. I refuse to buy from Starbucks or any of the fancy coffee shops. In my opinion there's not a cup of coffee on earth worth over $5! Dunkin Donuts coffee is fine with me.

Well I hope this gives a little more insight into who I am. I hope I didn't bore anyone to death. Well this was a lot of fun. Thanks guys.


Gayle said...

Yay Rbennie! You did a great job! I don't have a blog either - too much to do right now and I definitely don't need any other distractions!

meb said...

Too funny re your shopping... I get the picture tho. Levitt's sales are all good... You and I have the same love for exercise I see... and Dunkin Donuts coffee is still to expensive for me, so you still spend more than I do.

Good answers... enjoyed reading them.

Donna in AL said...

Thanks Rbennie, you did great! You seem to have the same idea on clothes and furniture as me. I remember drinking coffee with lots of sugar and milk in a tiny cup before I ever started school! I did the same with my kids too!

Hope you can post more soon!

meb said...

Oh... by the way, you have to tag someone. There's lots of people who haven't been tagged yet. Go get 'em!

My wv is dernsur... that fits!

Jackie said...

Oops, they're working! It looks good!

Sydney said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You're first post!!!!!!!!

I am your first follower too, I think!

Pastries and workouts have been added since I started... I see what you people are all about. There was a dessert area -- was that not enough? But I guess the workout is added for balance, lol!

LOL Meb on the word verification

ANd Gayle, I know, I didn't have time extra, but then you get poeple reading it and then you don't want to lose them because it's so fun!

Sydney said...

Rbennie -- have you considered getting a pedometer (the one by Timex for $19 is the best, and if you're in Union Square you can get one up staris at the Paragon there...

If you work in Manhattan, Dr. Oz said 5000 steps is consdiered MOderate exercise and his goal for peopl eto be fit is 100,000 steps. I walked that much if not closer to 13-15,000 a day just in getting around in NYC.

BTW, your posts on clothing, furniture, workout etc were too funny. I think you have another career lurking in case you ever give up what you're doing now... I know, not til the kids are on their own, lol.

PDX Granny said...

Good for you!! Your first blog. I haven't made it that far yet. I already spend so much time reading all the others I don't know when I would find to write one too!!

Loved your answers. I can relate to more than one!

lynn1 said...

I enjoyed your comments to the tagged questions.
Thank you for giving me the nudge to start my own blog.

sizzie said...

Ice Cream Eaters Unite! We could form a group to meet to talk about our problems. I would bring Dream Cooler from Braum's (mix of orange sherbet and premium vanilla and only available once in a while) or maybe French Vanilla or.....

I guess that wouldn't solve the problem, but make it worst. oh well. I like ice cream, too.